Integrate with Salesforce

Improve your tendering efficiency by linking the UK’s most accurate tender alert service with Salesforce.


Integrate with Salesforce

Use Integrate to build pipelines

Linking Tenders Direct to Salesforce enables you to build your opportunity pipelines by helping you to:

  • Plan and coordinate workload with live contract exports.
  • Track missed opportunities with Contract Award Notice exports.
  • Prepare for future tendering opportunities with Advance Tender Alert exports.
  • Create competitor profiles by exporting Competitor Tracking Alerts.
  • Customise the data you want to export, such as title, description, value, deadline, sector, region, etc.

Use Integrate to collaborate

When you link Tenders Direct to Salesforce, you can create an integration for each user’s instance, allowing you to choose who to export tenders to. 

  • Allocate notices to the relevant colleague or department to process.
  • Send notices to managers for approval and sign-off.
  • Use exports to assess the market, tendering activity and success rate.

Use Integrate to improve efficiency 

By connecting Salesforce to Tenders Direct, you can eliminate time-consuming tasks and discover new ways to improve efficiency such as:

  • Streamlining your tendering processes with a single source of public sector contracts.
  • Eliminating the manual process of adding tender details to Salesforce.
  • Creating data uniformity by customising export data to meet the needs of your business.
  • Centralising your tender management processes within Salesforce.
  • Gaining the ability to accurately trace the source of your public sector conversions.

Integrate helps you to be more efficient, allows you to effortlessly build your opportunity pipelines, and makes collaboration easier.


Image showing Integrate being used

Available with Core and Premium Tenders Direct subscriptions

Access to Salesforce is required to use this feature.